Learner engagement. This indicator focuses on the extent to which learners are engaging in the types of activities that are likely to promote high-quality skill outcomes. It includes learner perceptions of the quality of their competency development and the level of support they receive from RTOs.

Employer satisfaction. This indicator focuses on employer evaluations of learner competency development and the relevance of learner competencies for work and further training, as well as employer evaluation of the overall quality of the training and assessment.

2015 Quality Indicators These indicators are based on a survey of 819 students. This sample represents approximately 45 percent of this organisation’s training delivery in the calendar year 2014. Only students who completed their qualification in 2014 were asked to respond to the survey. Students who were continuing their training into 2015 were not surveyed. The students and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organization in accordance with national guidelines.

Quality Indicator Annual Summary Report 2015