Universal Institute of Technology (UIT)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Australia is among one of the leading international education destinations. Education organisations including both public and private continue to benefit from the increasing demand for high quality English, VET, and Higher Education programs. As UIT has a base in Australia (Melbourne, Victoria State), this gives UIT a superior chance to showcase and highlight their services in the educational sector which eventually helps the students boost their career and make a pathway for their future.

UIT is glad to claim that they are among one of institute in Australia who has the perfect blend of students across nationalities. UIT aims to be one of the leading institutes in Melbourne who provides variety of courses under one roof for the students across the world. UIT is known for treating their students like family; a student actually enjoys the comfort we offer in our campus. With the helpful and reliable staff at the institute the student can gain the most out of it in the duration of the course. This helps them shape their personality and hit the market and get work experience.

UIT is consciously trying to contribute towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Currently, in consultation with various councils, police and other community groups, UIT delivers customised courses to young people and also to those who have been disengaged from the school. UIT offers short courses such as resume writing and interview skills – which are delivered free of cost to enhance the employment opportunities.

UIT wouldn’t have reached this stage without the excellent support of our partners. We have partnership with some Australian educational providers like Avondale - College of Higher Education, University of Southern Queensland Australia, Melbourne Polytechnic, Kangan Institute. And we plan to expand our partnership in 2017. UIT assures that we achieve our goal at the same time implement sustainable CSR strategies.

As we are in the education sector we have an opportunity to educate the students, with the respective subjects we also educate them on corporate social responsibility, so that one is aware about it and is able to contribute towards creating a shared value and positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities, and others.