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Active Conversation in English (ACE) is an exciting new English course, with a creative and unique approach to learning. ACE will give you the strong English language skills to be confident in any situation while having fun and being active. The ACE course is fun and energetic and focuses on speaking and listening through:

  • Acting and role plays
  • Hosting events and volunteering
  • Oral presentations
  • Sales pitches for products
  • Presenting book and movie reviews
  • Singing
  • Pronunciation activities
  • Team work projects
  • Practicing phone calls
  • Creating film clips
  • Attending practice/business meetings
  • Conducting interviews and surveys

ACE will give you the strong English language skills to be confident in any situation while having fun and being active.

For more information, please call us on +61 3 9600 0087 or send an email via our contact page and one of our student advisors will contact you as soon as possible.


Active Conversation in English – CRICOS Code:


Levels Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
Duration 5 – 24 weeks (Level completion 12 weeks)
Starting Dates Every Monday
Hours Per Week 20 hours per week
Enrolment Fees AU $250 (non-refundable)
Material Fees AU $250 (maximum)
Tuition Fees AU $350 per week

*Please note that the RTO may change these fees at any time throughout the year.

Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone over 18 who would like to focus on improving their English Speaking and listening skills. Students will increase their confidence bay participating in various class activities.

What will I learn during the course?

ACE focuses on building your confidence and vocabulary to have a conversation in any English situation. Students will learn new vocabulary specific to the situation and will be able to use it immediately. Students will be active every day and there is less focus on grammar and spelling and a strong focus on producing language in a conversation.

Situation and topics we cover include:

  • Designing and selling a new product
  • Creating a resume and participating in a job interview
  • Organizing and hosting a lunch or birthday party
  • Learning about charity events and volunteering
  • Giving a demonstration with instructions
  • Telephone and workplace English
  • Recording short films
  • Practicing customer service language
  • Negotiating and convincing people

Mode of study and assessment

This course is delivered full time (20 hours a week) in a classroom environment with weekly tasks and assessments.


Sample Timetable- Subject to change







Lesson 1

8:30AM – 10:15AM


5:00PM – 6:30PM

Listen to a TED talk and talk about social media and the internet


Vocabulary building

Pronunciation (word stress) activities and song Speaking with grammar – what’s it for?

Discussion and games

Identity – who are you? Speaking and vocabulary


Small talk vocabulary and phrases

Listening and vocabulary – making a film clip


Pronunciation game

Lesson 2

10:30AM – 12:15AM


6:40PM – 8:00PM

Pronunciation skills


Presentation skills

Short video about internet use and speaking about the internet in our lives and discussion Listening practice – Who do you think you are? Roleplay – meeting new people in different situations Oral Assessment – in a group, create, prepare and record a “viral video”
Lesson 3

12:45AM – 2:15PM


8:05PM – 9:15PM

Prepare and practice a short speech


Present a short speech

Debate – is the internet good for us or not? Listening Assessment – viral videos


Watch examples of viral videos, discuss

Speaking with grammar – design a blog or webpage in a team


Discussion and game

Speaking games


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