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Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during their course and unlimited hours during official course holidays. Please refer for more information.
You can study English language at UIT without an IELTS score. However, all UIT vocational courses have an IELTS entry requirement, which must be met to gain entry. If you do not have a current IELTS score you may still qualify if you have an equivalent English language score. You can also study English at UIT to assist you to gain the required English language level. Please contact the college for a list of relevant equivalencies.
UIT does offer students payment plans (in special circumstances) which are arranged through our Accounts Department.
Please contact our Admissions Department for information relevant to your course of study.
Please refer to the refund policy in the Student Agreement.
Please refer to the living costs section of our Student Manual and Orientation Guide (on the UIT website) which also includes information regarding dependent children.
You should notify the College immediately and we will make amendments to your enrolment and notify The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). If you do not contact us we will assume you are not coming and cancel your eCOE. This will lead to your student visa being subject to cancellation.
Please refer to our Student Manual and Orientation Guide on the UIT website for information regarding accommodation, counselling, academic assistance etc.
There is an 80% course attendance requirement for all of our English programs and we monitor course progress for our VET students. Please refer to our Student Manual and Orientation Guide on the UIT website.
Your timetable will be given to you during your Orientation program.
It is a student visa requirement that you have OSHC for the entire duration of your studies in Australia. Information on how to order your card will be provided to you at orientation. Log on to for more information. Please note that from the 1 July 2010 students must obtain OSHC for the proposed duration of their student visa prior to the student visa being granted. If for instance, you apply for a student visa for a period of 3 years, then you are required to provide evidence of OSHC for the full 3 years period prior to visa is grant.
Our Student Support Officers provide information regarding employment in Australia and can provide advice regarding job interviews, resume writing etc.
The average class size varies, depending on the course. General English programs are normally run with between 12 – 15 students but never more than 18. Vocational courses are delivered to groups of an average of 25 students.
You can defer the start date of your course if you have good reasons. Contact the Admissions Department or ask your agent to submit a pre-course commencement deferral form. This must be done before the course start date.
Please bring along a pen, writing pad, your passport, proof of OSHC and course eCOE.
At any one time UIT has students from over 40 nationalities.
Depending on course start dates this may be possible so please check with our Admissions Department.

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