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Our Courses

Here to Educate and Challenge

General English

Universal English is proud to offer ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) at our centrally located campus in Melbourne. These courses are designed to help improve students’ written, aural and spoken English across a variety of different areas.

BSB50820 - Diploma of Project Management

Project Management is a very hands on diploma that would transform your outlook of the world. Project managament skills are highly sought after, and can be transferrable to multiple industries opening up further avenues for you.

Image by Leon
Image by Annie Spratt

BSB60720 - 
Advanced Diploma of Program Management

The Advanced Diploma of Program Management is the natural progression from the Diploma of Project Managament. It offers specialized knowledge in the management discipline for various industries.

Construction Workers

CPC40120 - 
CERT IV Building and Construction

There are certain skills that would always be in demand, building and construction is amongst those very skills. At UIT, we believe in making an impact and giving our students skill.

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