UIT Boards and Committees

UIT boards and committees play an important role in providing leadership, direction and accountability across every area of Institute activity.

UIT Executive Management Group (UITEMG)

The UITEMG is the peak management body of UIT and as such it plays it key role in providing the Operational leadership of the UIT which includes establishing and maintaining the workplace culture of UIT

The UITEMG works in support of the CEO to ensure that UIT operates in a way as to achieve the strategic objectives (see attachment 1) and the Strategic plan of UIT ,

The UITEMG works to ensure that the CEO is able to declare to the VET regulator on an annual basis, consistent with RTO standard 8.4, that UIT

  1. Currently meets the requirements of the standards across all its scope of registration and has met the requirements of the standards for all AQF certification documentation it has been issued in the previous 12 months; and
  2. The UITEMG similarly works to ensure that UIT
  • Complies with commonwealth, state and territory legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its operations
  • Staff and clients are informed of any changes to legislative and regulatory requirements that affect the services delivered.

The work of the UITEMG is similarly guided by the goal for UIT to achieve high student and staff satisfaction rates and high competency completion rates.


UIT Executive Management Group members:

–             Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

–             Vet Academic Manager

–             English Academic Manager

–             Admissions Manager

–             Academic Registrar

–             Finance Manager

–             Marketing Director


UIT Training & Assessing Committee (UITTAC)

The Training and Assessment Committee provides the CEO with advice on educational matters covered by the RTO Standards 2015, particularly Standards 1 to 3 (Training and Assessment), and the ESOS National Code.

The UITTAC has a primary role in ensuring that UIT provides vocational education and training that is industry relevant and fit for purpose for all qualifications and courses on its scope of registration and to ensure that UIT meets all the regulatory requirements as an RTO providing services to local and international students.

UIT Training & Assessing Committee Members:

–             Vet Academic Manager

–             English Academic Manager

–             Higher Education Manager

–             Three outside committee members



UIT Student Welfare and Support Committee

The UIT Student Welfare and Support Committee is responsible for the provision of appropriate advice and services to students, staff and the wider UIT community to ensure that UIT is a safe and equitable institution.

UIT is committed to render high quality service, facilities and assistance for our students in terms of academic, social and cultural diversity support services ensure that a safe and supportive environment and culture is created and maintained so that the experience of teaching and learning is enhanced for all students. The provision of welfare is essential to students’ sense of self worth and the development of their identity and in the achievement of the goals at UIT

UIT Student Welfare and Support Committee members:

–          Chief Executive Officer

–          Academic Managers

–          Coordinators

–          Student Services and Support Administrators
            – Domestic and International Departments

UIT Industry Board

UIT is committed to enhancing the social and economic well-being of the communities where our learners live and work, and where our business operates, particularly with UIT’s wide social and culturally diverse clients. The function of the Committee is to assist the management and the Chief executive Officer in their oversight of the UITs long-term strategy development. Our involvement is underpinned by our value to earn community trust.

UIT Industry Board Committee members:

–           Academic Managers

–          Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

–          Coordinators

–          External Industry Professionals,
            UIT Training and Learning Committee members:

–          VET Trainers